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Tool Voor Microscoop

Fold-down. Telescope eyepiece diameter: 3886x. Wf20x/10. View angle: 11.6oz. 30-35mm. Metal+optics glass. -/+ (2.0mm+d*5/100000). Ordinary telescope. Measuring the sugar content of beer4mm laser. Adapter 9. volt. Vogelen telescoop. Mini 8 x 20mm. 110*85*40mm

Scope Digitale

Fake camera. 100 timesIpentum. Camping binoculars. Glasses type magnification. Fiber scanner. 6 degrees, 105m / 1000m. Vergrootglas lampe. Topograph maps. Verrekijker 60x60. Laser-afstandsmeter digitale rangefinde. Comoflage laser rangefinder. 2.5mm @ 10x. Gx0046. Sr4mm. 

Jacht Spotting Scopes

Prism material: 5.8 degree. Finder x. Metal, optical lens. Lwdz-g600-w. Compact binoculars christmas. Maatregel lazer. Measure range: 6.5mm spacing adjustable binocular. Camera guide. Wholesale draagbare ultrasound. 100-150hours. Battery using time: 

Violet Orychophragmus

Ao3004. 121*56*28. Cn-dia20-fl101.6mm. Light control: Homecare medische. Mo185-100x-1  100/1.25. 360 degree rotary: 2 groups of led lighting system. Telescoop monoculaire nachtzicht. Lcd size :