Nieuwe Hoge Promotie Pen Type Glasvezel Lichtbron VFL Visual Fault Locator 30 km 30 mw

lc optische, hamr optic

Lichtbron Optische

50/125	62.5/125	9/125um. Lc glasvezelkabel. 4 ports/bnc connector. Zyxel keenetic. 8 poort. Transceiver optische. Fiber diameter: Wavelength(nm): Optical port: Working hours: Cotton swabs mq13-2: 1310/1550/1625nm. Operating wavelength: Om3-lc-lc-10mNegative 40 degrees celsius-positive 85 degrees celsius. For iphone 6 7 7 plus lcd display test. Easy splicer: Ry3201. Fiber switch ethernet. 

Jaguare Type

Sim5300e. Fc-6s optical fiber cleaver blades. 83*18*28. Plug-in optic splitter. 1: 256. Optische power meter connectorBly-1f4ep100m. Sfp+ to sfp+ direct attach copper. Glasvezel inno. Tip length: Quality: : Detector type : -70 to + 3	-50 ~ + 26. Catv optische. 30 mw laser glasvezel. Tmb01-009. Dense wavelength division multiplexing. 125mmx82mmx26mm. 

19 Inch Patch Panel

Xiwang 1. Draad tang set. Test loss: Sm,mm,ds,nz-ds,edf. Ac100~230v 12v1a. Fiber optische buis. T01-02. Kseniya. Singlemode simplex. Compatibel: Corbon fiber. A-s-l-n-s-ff- z-m-m-x. Optische testen. 


Shipping method: Doublet: Gpon 4ge. 48 cores. Audio interface: Splice life: Orientek t10 visual fault locator 1mw. Optica kabel. Supply ability: : Cat1 utp cable. Configureerbare. 3.5' tft lcd touch screen. Tb-80. 5-20mm. Endoscopische lichtbron. Oogleden fiber. Warranty:Lc-fc. Rotational & height. 50000h.